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Morocco is a land of a thousand contrasts

A nation of incredible natural beauty, great creativity, and rich cultural history

Morocco, the land of the setting sun, is the Westernmost nation of Africa and of the Islamic World. Morocco is the Northwest corner of the African continent. Bounded to the East by three mountain ranges and the edges of the Sahara dessert, to the West by the Atlantic Ocean, to the North by the Mediterranean, and to the South by the desert, Morocco is blessed by fertile plains and oasis valleys. Marrakech is two hours inland from the coast, and 45 minutes North of the High Atlas Mountains, the tallest in North Africa.

With an incredibly rich continuous history, Morocco has seen the arrival of the Phoenicians and the Jews, the Romans and Visigoths, the Arabs, and finally those who came (Jews and Arabs) following the "Reconquista" of Spain. Even the Berbers, 70% of the population today, are thought to have originally come from Europe. This history is evident in the skin colour of the Moroccans, which ranges from darkest black to palest white.

Today, Morocco is a modern, open, and tolerant society. The government is a constitutional Monarchy. The Royal Family are the Alaouites, and are distinguished for being the oldest monarchical family in the world still on the throne. While many dynasties preceded them, the Alaouites have ruled Morocco for nearly 500 years.

Islam is the principal religion, with 98% of the population. There are, however, important communities of Christians and Jews, particularly in Casablanca, but also scattered across Morocco. The King is the leader of the faithful in Morocco and plays an important role in the spiritual and political life of the nation.

Morocco welcomes visitors with open arms, and you needn't look far to find the warmth and welcome of the people. Whimsical and creative, Moroccans are always ready to share their ancient culture with you, and always with a smile.

There are a great many "worth the trip" sites and places to go all over Morocco, and we would be delighted to help you plan your visit, organize a car and driver or other transport, guides, other hotels, and to give you tips and suggestions along the way. Some ideas might include:












Calendar of Festivals

These are some of the events that take place throughout the year in Morocco. For a more complete list, consult the website indicated below:

For a full listing of cultural events in Morocco, please visit: Moroccan Tourism.

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