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  • "Moorish magic- Dar Les Cigognes." - In
  • "In the heart of the medina of Marrakech, Dar Les Cigognes." - Elle
  • "An enchanting beautiful, intimate boutique hotel." - Icon
  • "Dar Les Cigognes is a gorgeous refuge." - Red
  • "A delightful and well-run medina riad hotel" - Privat Dining
  • "A gem in Marrakech with all the ingredients to appeal to those in search of pampering and privacy" - Portfolio
  • "Greets from the world of 1001 nights." - honeymoontip
  • "The real luxury of Dar Les Cigognes is the welcome and gentleness of the staff, always ready to cater to your every need" - Luxury Morocco
  • "Each guest's request is satisfied before you have expressed it." - Tourbillon
  • "Beautiful place!" - Rene
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Marrakech is pure magic

Unforgettable experiences on Europe’s doorstep

Marrakech is pure magic. With sunshine 350 days a year, incredible golf courses, 1,000-year-old culture, and people with irrepressible smiles, it is one of the best places to visit. Where else can you go with such a short flight from Europe and experience a culture, the scent of spices, so different from one’s own. Join us in this mystical and magical country and let us show you our Marrakech.

Useful information to help you plan your visit to Marrakech, Morocco:

ATM, Cash, Traveller’s Cheques: You will find ATM machines all over Marrakech. There are also many foreign exchange offices, and we also can exchange money for you at the hotel. The Moroccan Dirham, MAD, is pegged to a basket of currencies, and has varied comparatively little over the past 10 years. Exchange rates have varied between the following narrow bands over the past decade: €1 ˜ 10-12 MAD; $1 ˜ 8-10 MAD; £1 ˜ 14-16 MAD.

Phone and Internet: There are internet cafes all over Marrakech, and you will generally find them easily throughout Morocco. Broadband is now widely available in the cities.

Time differences: Morocco is on Greenwich time all the time; there is no daylight savings time. One or two hours' difference with France depending on the season (daylight savings or standard time); one hour or no difference with the UK and Portugal.

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